Posdoc Position

We currently look for a post-doctral researcher, who has research background related to our researches. or who has an interest in investigating the Bio-Nano interfaces with your professional skills. Currently, we do not have a specific grants for this position though, you can apply postdoctral fellowships for foreign researchers from the Japan Society for the promotion of science (JSPS).


Please contact us for detailed information.

Graduate Students

We always look for highly motivated graduate students. If you are interested in working on engineering Bio-Nano interfaces, please contact hayamizu.y.aa[at]m.titech.ac.jp. (please replace [at] with @)

Furthermore, we strongly encourage you, international students, to join us. So far, we have worked together with Asian, European, and American students. We love to have the international atmosphere in our research group, so that we can understand the difference in cultures, thinking ways, and communications. You can brush up on your communication skill, while you communicate with many other international and Japanese students through your research.

Of course, you can always learn Japanese culture and language. But, don't worry. We have commonly communicate in English at the lab.


Here is how to be a student of the Tokyo Tech.