Satoh Lab aims at elucidation of physico-chemical properties of "polymer/water systems", which are common but far from complete understanding, thus enabling molecular design of functional polymer materials in aqueous systems.

For example, ionic effects on the hydrophobic hydration are investigated by means of ab initio MO calculations for interactions between a methane hydrate and an ion.

Through these investigations, we have first found the "Super Salt-Resistive Gel", and succeeded in preparation of a highly water-swollen gel only with materials that are insoluble in water.

 Main themes currently undertaken are as follows;

  • Elucidation of Hofmeister Series
  • Solubilization of aromatic molecules in water
  • Application of the super salt-resistive gels as super brine-absorbing materials
  • Elucidation of counterion- and solvent-effects on the coil-globule transition of polyelectrolytes
  • Preparation of novel hydrophilic polymer materials with controlled intra- and inter-molecular hydrogen bondings