ResearchResearch Themes: At Takata Laboratory, we harness synthetic chemistry and supramolecular chemistry to synthesize/characterize new functional molecules, explore new synthetic reagents, and develop highly applicable materials

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Interlocked Molecules
(Developments of New Synthetic Methods, Explorations of New Functions, and Applications)
  • Molecular Devices(Molecular Motors, Supramolecular Catalysis, Photoelectron transfer Devices)

Supramolecular Polymers
(Developments of New Synthetic Methods, Characterizations, and Applications)
  • Polyrotaxanes, Polycatenanes, Graft Polyrotaxanes
  • Polyrotaxane Networks(Polymer Networks bearing Movable Cross-linking Points, Recycling of Cross-linked Polymers)
  • Solid-State(Solvent-Free)Synthesis

Chiral Polymers
(Developments of New Synthetic Methods, Characterizations, and Applications)
  • Artificial Helical Polymers Bearing Axial Chiral Structure
  • New Polymers(Polycarbonates, Polyesters, Polyacetylenes, Poly(phenylene ethynylene)s, and etc.)
  • Catalysis for Chiral Synthesis (Use of Polymeric Secondary-Structures, Hosts, Nanotubes)

High Performance Polymers
(Synthesis, Characterizations, and Applications)
  • High Refractive Index Polymers, Low Birefringence Polymers
  • Sulfur-Containing Organic Materials, Sulfur-Containing Polymers
  • Fluorene-Containing Cardo Polymers(Silicon Derivatives, Dibenzofluorene Structures, and etc.)

Biologically Active Substances, Drug Discovery
(Synthesis and Characterizations)
  • Anti-Cancer Drugs(Rotaxanes, Catenanes)
  • Water-Soluble Rotaxanes, Catenanes

Synthetic Reagents
(Developments, Characterizations, and Applications)
  • Developments of New Synthetic Reagents

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